Competition winner enjoys a night at the Faulty Towers restaurant!

Catherine Reynolds was one of our lucky competition winners for Basil’s Birthday. Have a read about her experience…

On Saturday lunchtime I was in for a timewarp back to the ‘70s with Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. For those who knows the beloved characters of the original BBC show, this experience allows you to be served a three- course meal by the Faultys and Manuel.
The actors really did make you clutch the table in laughter and include the audience in the joke. Personally my favourite part was Manuel climbing on the table to sing and Mr Faulty catching him right at it. 
Mrs Faulty holds her own and though I missed the fact Polly was not there, it didn’t take away that there were amazing lines and you could genuinely believe Basil was one step away from a nervous breakdown over the hapless Spanish man in his employment.
Yes, there is slapstick humour. Yes, there is Manuel mishearing everything from “roll on the plate” to “ Fireee!!!!”. Yes, the actors do a fine job upholding the characters well. Yes, you should go, and yes, I do dare you to ask Basil for the extra bread roll!

Basil-Rob Langston_credit RonRutten_4054-5

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