Hei from Faulty Towers in Norway!

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience has been enjoying a wonderfully wintery month in Norway! Opening nights at the Grand Hotel Terminus in Bergen and at the Arendal Kulturhus were completely sold-out, receiving glowing reviews:


‘There were roars of laughter… The actors closely resembled the originals, both in looks, voice and mannerisms. Oh, and the food was delicious.’ Ole Kjeldsberg Endresen – Østlandets Blad.


‘The show was special because the guests were actually part of the performance. In this interactive show the actors improvised with brilliant comic lines… I laughed all the way through this two hour performance.’ Adelene Stenkløv – Oppdalingen.


 Sybil_Donna Gray_4858



Sybil, played by Donna Gray, in Bakkekroen in Oslo.




The Norway tour will continue at the Baerum Kulturhus until Friday this week. Ser deg seinare!



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