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Happy June Faulty fans!

Summer is just around the corner in the UK, so in theory we can put umbrellas away and enjoy beautiful sunsets, barbecues and visits to the seaside. In theory. At time of writing, summer in London is colder than winter in Melbourne – but you get the idea! There’s just so much to do in […]

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Happy birthday to us!

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience began in Brisbane on 24 April 1997. From humble beginnings it now features nine teams of performers and has just finished a debut performance in Singapore – the 26th country it has been to. To celebrate this special day, what better than to talk to Alison Pollard-Mansergh, the woman who […]

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Tweet of the Week

A little girl fascinated by Karina Garnett as Sybil in London My little girl was quite taken with Sybil @thefaultytowers @charingcrossLDN — James Hancock (@jamesehancock) September 1, 2013

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