Real life ‘Fawlty Towers’ stories

If you’ve got your own real life Fawlty Towers experiences you’d like to share with us, tweet them @thefaultytowers or email them to: No matter how outrageous we’d love to hear them and the best will be shared right here on the blog to amuse fellow Faulty Fans. Just remember, no names please!

Here are some that we’ve already collected… enjoy!

One member of staff, when I informed her that the hotel was going to charge me five pounds a page to send a fax, exclaimed ‘they can’t do that!’… Before realising she was part of the hotel.

I ordered only toast for breakfast. It came out burnt. I complained and the waiter argued with me that “it comes that way”, so I asked him for some fresh toast that wasn’t burnt. You guessed it; he took it away and scraped it before returning it to me!

I stayed in a hostel once where during the night I was awoken by rain dripping through the ceiling onto my face. The puzzling part is – we weren’t even on the top floor.

I stayed in a hotel room with a sloped table. Whenever you put anything on the table it just slid straight back off again.

I was checking on our meeting room at 4am when a guest came down to read some of the magazines in the lobby. No problem, right? Except he came down in his UNDERWEAR and SLIPPERS!

I stayed at a hotel in northern Zimbabwe where baboons broke into our room, drank my Fanta and ate my biscuits.

Helpful little signs posted around a room that read
“Take your things of the floor and bed or we will cancel you cleaning service”
“Use string. Do not pull curtain.”

When my husband went to the bar to place the order he was told he had to pay now “in case we did a runner”.

In the restaurant, we watched every order be carried around and offered to at least 3 or 4 tables before they struck on the right one. Training Tip – If you deliver a meal to a table, when you head back up the stairs, maybe survey other tables and take the empties with you. That way, customers don’t have to do it themselves.

We arrived (two couples) and were sent to two attic rooms! On the landing decorators were in the middle of painting bad we head to climb over paint pots with our bags!

When I asked the manager (who to be fair was a nice guy) why there was not any tomato or lettuce he replied; “it normally comes back uneaten, so we don’t put it on anymore.”