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Over 22 years in the business and Pip Utton continues to create incredible new material and performances that wow critics and earn him five-star reviews wherever he goes. Now represented by Imagination Workshop, the solo performer embarks on his Australian debut with a short tour in January and February 2017 that takes his award-winning portrayals of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

In the meantime, Pip is set to tour the UK and France, including a month at Edinburgh Fringe – where he has already won several accolades, including the Spirit of the Fringe Award and the FringeReview Award for Outstanding Theatre.




One of the many characters joining Pip on his European tour is ‘Adolf’. A monologue seemingly straight from the Führer himself, be prepared for an eye opening exploration into the psyche of a genocidal but influential dictator. Not only has it received five-star reviews and been praised as a ‘powerful drama’ (One4Review), it has been said that Utton’s historical spectacle should ‘be used as an important text in serious political, historical and social debates’ (British Theatre Guide). That is the level of poignancy Pip is bringing to the table.




But of course Pip could not take ‘Adolf’ on tour without ‘Churchill’. It would unbalance the ying and yang… disturb the chi… disrupt the universe. THAT IS HOW POWERFUL PIP IS! In the coming months, ‘Churchill’ will be performed at the Beaminster Festival in Dorset and at Whitgift School in Croydon.

Since ‘Churchill’s’ success throughout Europe, earning awards in Germany and Poland, this is one of the two shows Pip will be taking on the long flight to Australia early next year. Prepare for a wave of anglophilia, as the ‘Greatest Briton in History’ tells his life story armed with scotch and a cigar. Reviewers have called this five-star show ‘entertaining, moving and informative’ (British Theatre Guide), and it ‘should not be missed’ (Three Weeks).



Also on tour in Australia: ‘Playing Maggie… The Iron Lady’, Pip’s interactive rendition of Margaret Thatcher. Britain’s first female – and arguably most contentious – prime minister is ‘ever present, entirely consistent, immensely funny and absolutely real’ (FringeReview). Pip’s performance of Maggie earned him The Stage Special Award for Acting Excellence and the FringeReview Award for Outstanding Theatre at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Pip and Maggie return to the Fringe this year, performing 3-29 August. Pip goes all out in ‘Playing Maggie… The Iron Lady’, answering questions from the audience in character with true improvisational genius – an element critics have called ‘inspired’ (The Telegraph).




Pip’s brand new ‘masterpiece’ (Anne Meester), ‘Popes’ will also be touring in the coming months, playing at the Bedford Fringe Festival. In true Pip fashion, it does what it says on the tin. For the first time, Pip is not just playing one historical figure, but a whole church-full. Delve into the scandal, the corruption, the violence of the papacy over the last 2000 years as Pip probes the challenges faced by one of the worlds largest and oldest institutions. In the same mindset as Oscar winning film ‘Spotlight’, Pip is unafraid to explore the church’s immoral actions of the present as well as the past. Having opened in Amsterdam, Netherlands, just a few months ago, ‘Popes’ is already a firm favourite, being called ‘fascinating’ (Lies Weselar) and ‘captivating from beginning to end’ (Alfred).

One final note: following his Australian tour*, it’s possible Pip will be stopping off in Singapore for a few shows as well. Watch this space, keep an eye of Pip’s website, and sign up to the newsletter for updates!

* venues and dates to follow


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