WAW has broken out!

The inaugural Women and War Festival kicked off on Monday, with Kate Cook’s incredible show, ‘Invisible Woman’ debuting on Tuesday and running until 31 July.




In case you weren’t one of the audience in the packed bunker of the So and So Arts Club on Tuesday, let me walk you through it.


The So and So Arts Club is a gorgeous house very close to Bank and St Paul’s tube stations, and once the workplace of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.



Stepping inside (and around the tour group taking photos of the building), we were greeted and shown to the bar – where a glass of wine is only £3: ‘the cheapest bar in London!’. We sat eagerly in the spacious waiting area, its high-ceilinged walls covered in stunning war art by artist Arabella Dorman.


Five minutes before the performance, we headed downstairs and took our seats.


Kate Cook began her show with a heartwarming reminder of what the Festival is all about – hearing the female voices that history and society has forgotten and pushed aside. ‘Invisible Woman’ is thoroughly researched and, despite its hilarity, raises massively significant ideas about the value and social status of women, not only during World War II, but also today.


One hour ensued of quick alternating spitfire characters performed with incredible comedic timing and wit. Only Kate Cook could paint a picture of a fully rounded person who remains present only by reference; our heroine is absent from the show – just as the hundreds of thousands of women integral to the war effort are largely absent in the history books.




Luckily, the Women and War Festival is running until 31 July, giving you ample opportunity to see Kate Cook’s fantastic show, ‘Invisible Woman’, as well as all the other brilliant and thought provoking performances in the Festival.


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