The final countdown

What a month it’s been… 27 days and counting, to be exact. Before we all leave the beautiful city of Edinburgh behind for yet another year, these last four days seem perfect to reflect upon the time we’ve had at the biggest theatre festival in the world.


This is how our Edinburgh Festival Fringe stacks up in numbers…


  • Nineteen Interactive Theatre International employees have journeyed to Edinburgh Fringe within this jam-packed month…


  • … seven actors, ten administration staff and two company directors.


  • Fourteen of us have been here at any one time, living in four flats around the city. A few partners, spouses and one adorable baby came up to join the fun


  • We have travelled a collective 6,308 miles from London on 14 planes and one train, and of course, we mustn’t forget the 414 miles travelled in our van on the A1 (return journeys to follow!).


  • Over the past 27 days, three of our actors have delivered 36 performances of Faulty Towers The Dining Experience and the other four have delivered 26 performances of The Wedding Reception.


  • We are playing in two Edinburgh venues: B’est Restaurant in the Old Town and The George Hotel in the New Town.


  • Between the two venues is a distance of 0.8 miles or 1,632 steps, which takes about 18 minutes to walk. On average, four employees make this journey everyday, totaling 176,256 steps over 36 hours.


  • At Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, we’ve served 2,128 3-course meals, and at The Wedding Reception, we’ve served 816 3-course meals and thrown 104 boxes of confetti.


  • In total, we’ve had 2,944 audience members split their sides laughing during our performances.


  • Our two shows have welcomed 44 standing ovations and 11 media reviewers; eight gave us five out of five stars, two gave us fours, and one a highly recommended… We call it the ITI constellation.


  • We have sent 185 tweets and taken 327 photos.


  • We ourselves have distributed 3,657 flyers on the Royal Mile and in Princes Street Gardens, printed and guillotined 60 pages of A4 paper to make promotional table talkers, requiring six trips to Ryman Stationery and Fringe Central.


  • All this great work forced us to blow off steam on 19 late nights, drinking 189 pints of beer and cider, not to mention the bottles of wine and nips of whisky (we’re all adults, it’s fine).


  • We made the most of some daytime downtime by exploring six of Edinburgh’s best museums and galleries, which were especially popular on the 14 rainy days.


  • In the comfort of our four very nice flats, we used 22 rolls of toilet paper, drank 94.5 pints of milk and washed 28 loads of laundry.


As my GCSE maths teacher taught me, there is something to learn from even the smallest bit of data. And after my extensive numerical research into ITI’s Edinburgh Fringe 2016 experience, I have learnt that we will be doing it all again in 342 days.


Megan Taylor, Marketing & PR intern

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