Spilling secrets with the cast of The Wedding Reception

Since my last blog post about Faulty Towers The Dining Experience’s tour of Sydney, I couldn’t wait to start travels of my own, so my family holiday to the States was well timed. But sad as it is, I have to face the music that my holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work!

Things naturally change by the second when working for a busy producing theatre company, and I returned from holiday to find our show The Wedding Reception in the midst of an exciting re-launch campaign at Kingsway Hall Hotel. To mark the occasion we are delighted to have teamed up with In And Around Covent Garden magazine, who have dedicated the front cover of the October issue to The Wedding Reception, as well as offering readers the chance to win a table for 10 at the 5* immersive comedy experience.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize yourself, all you have to do is email lynn@coventgardenuk.com and tell her the nearest tube station to the show’s venue, Kingsway Hall Hotel. You’ve only got until midnight Sunday 23 October, so send those answers in fast!

As part of the re-launch campaign, emails have been flowing at top speed; we’ve been booking in adverts left, right and centre across town, plus we have premier evenings booked for some specially selected guests who we hope will spread the word for us once they have seen the show. We have been working with marketing agencies and PR firms who are also creating a lot of buzz for us, and our social media platforms are alive with activity too. But of course, this is all very much from the office side of things. What has been going on with our amazing actors from The Wedding Reception? Lets meet the cast and ask them directly.

Meet the team – Oliver Harrison who plays best man Ricky and father of the bride Ray, Katie Cooper who plays unwanted guest Val and the beautiful bride Kate, and Stacey Evans who plays the mother of the bride Lynn and fabulous aunt of the groom, Marge. Unfortunately Dave Tremaine, who plays Will, the groom, was unable to join us, but we will forgive him.

I was keen to understand what each actor considered to be the best bits of the show, and it was exciting to hear their different responses. Every actor voted unanimously for Ricky’s best man speech and dance – clearly a ‘not-to-miss’ moment there then.

I then asked the actors if they have any special routines or habits that they indulge in before each show when getting into character. Olly explaind that he finds the process quite easy as his character has a ‘soft start’ – meaning that he is first ‘on stage’, milling about with the audience members when they arrive. Stacy revealed the peculiar pre-show ritual of “screaming at a mirror” because she can never get her eyeliner right, and explained that often made her short for time so just has to resort to “whacking the hat on and throwing herself out the door!”. Katie claims she always has to empty her bladder approximately “50 times” before each show – what a nightmare…

Then we started to discuss whether the actors shared personality traits with their characters. Olly piped up, joking that he quite often takes his clothes off in public. Stacey revealed that she has a secret obsession with Meryl Streep just like her character does and both actor Katie and her character of the bride share more than just a name –

apparently they are both “bossy drama queens”.

All of the cast are determined to keep their darkest secrets locked away… I tried to encourage them to spill the beans but they kept true to the code of conduct of ‘what happens in the rehearsal room stays in the rehearsal room’. The best I could get out of them was that Dave Tremaine, who plays the groom, Will, gets really sweaty knees. Apparently they get so sweaty he has to wear bandages to mop up the moisture. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

It has certainly been a hectic but exciting few months for all involved in the show – even the script has been edited – which will be on show for all to see when the official re-launch takes place on Saturday 8 October. But, rest assured, our emails will stay as active, our plans will be as exciting, and our social media will definitely be buzzing as Christmas is quickly approaching!

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