Happy Halloween from ITI!

Throughout October the air has become increasingly chilly, the days darker and darker. Last weekend Halloween was finally upon us, and ghoulish creatures could be seen in windows wherever we went. Of course, part of the spirit of Halloween is indulging in the theatrical – it’s an immersive experience of people interacting and celebrating everything. For one night a year, our real lives are given a theatrical and unpredictable alternative. It feels like an adventure, and I can’t help but be reminded of our actors, throwing on bizarre costumes to become characters that immerse their guests in the unusual.

If you, like me, are already heartbroken that Halloween is over for yet another year, why not book a night filled with screams of laughter and buy tickets to one of our horrifyingly hilarious shows, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience or The Wedding Reception. Howl with laughter as Basil gets caught in his downward spiral into chaos at Amba Hotel Charing Cross, or take a trip to Kingsway Hall Hotel and watch Will and Kate’s Wedding Reception descend into excruciating embarrassment and shocking hilarity as everything goes wrong. Both shows offer spooky spontaneity in their interactive and immersive format and promise a terrifyingly brilliant and unforgettable experience, as well as a devilishly delicious three-course meal.

By Emily Roach Osborne, Customer Services Representative

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