Edinburgh Fringe Festival Update!

The ITI team has been in non-stop action since the start of our Edinburgh Fringe run on Thursday last week (2 Aug)! This year (as I am sure you’ve heard) we have a four show line-up including one brand new show, Pamela’s Palace, and one fun-packed children’s show, Signor Baffo’s Restaurant. All four shows have carved unique, tender spots in our theatre-shaped hearts… and, as it turns out, our audiences are feeling just as much love towards them as they are towards our home-grown favourites.


Update: Signor Baffo’s Restaurant

Truthfully, it’s not often that a children’s show will get just as much of a laugh from the parents as the children, but Oliver Harrison (Signor Baffo) has really crafted something special. He got off to a brilliant start, selling out on his second show (and almost every subsequent show), which will probably continue into the coming month! Watching a show that effortlessly appeals to children and adults alike is really something joyful.

This month so far has been jammed packed for Baffo! Lots of flyering and street work – we even held a pie fight at The Meadows on 5 August! The Edinburgh Evening News came to have a look and put us in the paper, with Baffo covered in pie cream (that looks and smells a lot like shaving foam…). Loads of children and their parents/ caretakers came over and enjoyed wearing Baffo hats and garbage bags while they were covered in pie!

That same day Edinburgh blogger, Mummy Kimmy, came with her family to check out the action and wrote a delightful review which we were all thrilled to pieces about. Read the whole thing here!

Five stars!! And did you catch the part where she said “Signor Baffo held the kids’ attention like the Pied Piper” – What a lovely compliment!

We are swooning over Baffo’s success thus far, and can’t wait to see what the rest of month will bring.




Update: Pamela’s Palace

Pamela’s Palace is ITI’s newest creative baby… and one we are proud of! It’s a show that skilfully combines sharp wit, cheeky (literally) humour and a contemporary edge. We remember from the year we first brought The Wedding Reception to Edinburgh Fringe: it can be tricky to get audiences excited about a brand new show. So the Pams (Donna Gray, Ayesha Tansey and Katie Grace Cooper) have been taking to the streets (and hair salons) to get the word out. Some lucky people just out to get their hair done ended up with a free glass of bubbly and a free ticket to the show. Other unassuming members of the public have been out for a walk and ended up receiving a free make over!

The Pams have also given a couple of cracking interviews: one with Paul Levy from FringeReview, who said Pamela’s Palace was an ‘award-winner in waiting’ which is our favourite compliment. That interview can be found here. We also did an interview on the radio with K107fm!

Thursday (9 Aug) the team even popped over to the list for a Big Fat Bribe and brought the fringe (the hairy type) to each and every one of them!  You’re welcome The List office.


Our favourite piece of news from this week though comes in the form of a shining, star-studded review by the mumble’s Damo Bullen! Five-stars and a waterfall of compliments… frankly, if this review isn’t enough to convince you to come, we don’t know what is!!





Update: The Wedding Reception

Ahhh… The Wedding Reception – full of Confetti and Chaos. Our favourite disastrous wedding reception. It’s back for its fourth Fringe, with new story angles and a brilliant team of creatives performing, including Nerine Skinner, Dan Wood, Otis Waby and a new ITI team member – Emma Packer.


The whole team has been hard at work, along with ITI creative director, Alison Pollard-Mansergh, to re-jig, tighten and shape-up parts of The Wedding Reception like a good workout! This year we released the sharpest version of the show yet and Fest Mag agrees! Our Wedding team got four sparking stars for their hard work!

The team has been out and about on the streets too – handing out cake to anyone who will stop. If you are feeling peckish, come find us on our walks through Edinburgh and get yourself some cake (and a flyer).


Actually, today (Friday 10 Aug) the team is getting ready to head over to The List office. Fair warning to the whole List team – Stacey and Will (the bride and groom) are coming with one intention and we want everyone there to witness… 😉


We’re also planning some fun surprises for later in the month. There is a lot of (exciting) change coming our way – so stay tuned!



Update: Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Good old Faulty Towers. Reliable as ever, as are the audiences. This is Faulty’s second year at the Principal Hotel – and its 11that the Fringe. It’s a big shift from the small room we used to perform in at B’Est Restaurant a few years ago. Now we can fit up to 120 people in the Kings Hall. It’s a big space but we are finding we have the audiences to match! It’s really exciting to be playing to such full rooms each day.

The Faulty crew, made up of the three marvellous performers – Dave Tremaine, Becky Norris and Phillip Oakland, have been B.U.S.Y with double shows (lunch and dinner) most days of the week. We live-streamed Manuel coming out from the dressing room on their first night (you can find that on facebook) and the team has been flyering in their spare time but truth be told, most people already know about the Experience that is Faulty Towers – and many of them are repeat offenders!


In this coming week, we have reviewers due to pop in, as well as a visit to The List scheduled. You’ll be able to read all about it in our next Fringe update…


For now, let us leave you with a photo of all the performers together. They had a lot of fun taking these photos and there is nothing better than seeing them all together like the big family they are.

Links to our shows, our tickets, our stories all here


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