Edinburgh Fringe Update No.2

We have another Fringe update for you! We are now more than half way through and things have really settled into a nice rhythm. The admin team have had a cold bouncing around (not helped by the fringe fatigue as it’s called) but we are all making speedy recoveries – while trying to stay away from the performers who seem to be miraculously missing the ‘flu’ part of ‘fringe flu’. More and more reviews have been rolling in for our lovely shows and we’re excited to share them (and other bits and bobs)! But before we do we wanted to share with you this beautiful interview Alison Pollard-Mansergh (our artistic director) had with 3Weeks. She spoke all about the company, the company growth, our first time with a fringe hub and four shows to boot! Well worth the read!


If you missed the first update, we recommend you head over there and check it out – it includes run downs of the all the shows and the first week’s updates!



An Update on Signor Baffo’s Restaurant

This little ray of sunshine has had a wallop of great reviews this week. Edinburgh Mummy (review here) gave us some lovely words – our favourites being “Great show. Great food. Happy children. Happy parents.” That really sums up the whole point of the show!


The best reviews are still to be revealed… like Primary Times who wrote up a shining review for our favourite Signor Baffo. Within it Charlotte (aged 7) gave it a 5-star rating (we’re pretty chuffed with that!). The Mumble added their review of Baffo to another children’s show across town – both shows receiving a lovely write up and 4 golden stars.


This month has been a great success for Baffo. We are hoping the full audiences keep coming in, even now that the school kids have all gone back to school.



An Update on Pamela’s Palace

The outrageous Pamela’s Palace! After the first few shows Pamela’s Palace was still in tweaking mode. Now the show has taken full flight. After a strong start to the Fringe, the Pamela’s Palace has been on an upward incline. The Pam team got a late night spot with The Flick with Diane Chorley at Paradise Palms to show off their dancing skills. They met and hung out with other acts too – like Helen Lederer and Denim.

They have also acquired a few lovely mentions like this one in Twenty-Something Life and Style blog, where Pam was mentioned in their guide of twenty shows every twenty-something should see.


Jo Tomalin also wrote a review in FringeReview, much to our delight. She gave the show a ‘Highly Recommended’ label with a few sweet words like these ones: “The cast of three is excellent. Each actor creates her character believably and never comes out of it…” How about that? Can’t be unhappy with those shout-outs.

The Pamela’s Palace team have also been stepping in to support our other shows. Katie and Ayesha are both working on Baffo in the mornings, helping check everyone in and making sure the show runs smoothly. Donna has been stepping back in her old Sybil shoes for Faulty Towers The Dining Experience on nights that we have late 9pm shows or when the Faulty cast just need a day off.



An Update on The Wedding Reception

We are pleased to say the Big Fat Bribe that we teased in the last blog was a great success. The crew strolled into the List office and asked them if they could conduct their wedding ceremony in the office. Vows, music, rings and cake were all had in front of the (very lovely) strangers of The List.


We’ve also been seeing some reviews coming in. The mumble gave us 4 stars and some lovely praise. They also described the show perfectly with this little line here: “The show contains all the classic cheesy moments of a British wedding gone horribly wrong, with skeletons getting flung wildly out of closet as the evening descends into utter mayhem.” – think we might actually borrow that description!


Our favourite though, was when Broadway World gave us 5 whole stars in their review (here). We were left grinning from ear to ear over this review. Our one line pick? It would have to be this here: “The pace never drops across this two-and-a-half hour rollercoaster, which is effortlessly held together and pulled apart in equal measure by its four-strong cast.”


And last night (which was Thursday night) The Wedding Reception had Joel Dommett gate crash about half way through for channel 4’s StandUp2Cancer (which is airing on October 26th – in case you wanted to catch it). He was also caught in our late night Faulty Towers show a few hours later… not that either show need have added more chaos.

To add to everything, this coming week will include something particularly special as our favourite chaotic wedding launches into a new era… more to come on that one…



An Update on Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Last but not in any way least – Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. Shows abound, the team has been busy with two (sometimes three!) shows a day. There have been some small moments free enough to flyer and get the word out around Edinburgh but for the most part, all the action has been happening behind the big doors of the Kings Hall. Including (as mentioned above) Joel Dommett popping in for a swift 5 minutes. Manuel was sure to put him in the right uniform and Joel had a second to catch everyone up on channel 4’s StandUp2Cancer!

Of course, Faulty Towers, ever the crowd pleaser, has also had a few reviewers pop in! The Scottish Field paid us a visit and wrote this very short review with a four star blessing that we’re  certainly not complaining about.


And the Mumble came in with 5-star song of praise! We were pretty happy about it. The review mentions the way each performer captures the essence of the characters and we couldn’t agree more. So we will leave this little #humblebrag here because we are pretty proud of the work our performers do.
“All 3 actors were superb  capturing not just the vocalisations of the characters from Basil’s clipped delivery to Sybil’s ridiculous laugh but also their very physical essence.”



Don’t get us wrong, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a hard gig. The hours are long and the weather is average but the ITI team have been flourishing (except the sick admin staff). We really love the energy of the fringe and are supremely proud of the shows we put out. This year, in particular, has been an exciting year… and there is still more to come (don’t worry – we’ll catch you up on everything next week).

Links to our shows, our tickets, our stories all here



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