How we EFF…ing do it

For the past month we have been sharing our Edinburgh Fringe experience and knowledge as guest bloggers on Fringe Review!

Our pals at Fringe Review have been working the Fringe for many years. Established in 2006, their one aim is to seek out good theatre and share the news. They’re a talented team of writers, directors, producers and we were honoured and thrilled to be invited on as guest bloggers.

We are hoping that the things we can write about – both as first time hub co-ordinators, and as old hats at the Fringe – will be both entertaining and useful. We know some things and are about to find out other things very quickly.

So far, we’ve asked questions and looked at topics about pulling together a hub and running a production company. Most recently we’ve delved into branding for the Fringe. What makes branding work? How do you stand out amongst 4000 other shows? and where do you get it all printed?

We thought it would be great if we could share our blogs with you moving forward. We have some exciting guest bloggers coming up who will be performing in our hub, as well as some pro tips from those in the know.

Check out our blog on EFFing branding (link below) and keep and eye out for a new one coming out soon.

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